The culmination of 50 years of experience.

Although Global HR Research was founded in 2005, our company’s leadership team represents decades of expertise in background screening, talent management and talent selection. Brandon G. Phillips, the company’s executive entrepreneur, saw the need for a single comprehensive hiring and screening solution to remedy what for many organizations was a costly, ineffective and disconnected human resources process requiring multiple vendors. He created the foundation and vision for the company we know today as Global HR Research.

Immediate, widespread success and national recognition of GHRR’s unique integrated approach propelled the company to expand its offices in 2006. Later that year, GHRR introduced GlobalHire Express Background Screening for small to medium-sized companies and GlobalHire Express Enterprise to streamline hiring for large corporations. After four quarters of exponential growth, Global HR Research again expanded its headquarters to support the addition of internal support and transition teams.

As demand grew for federally compliant, consolidated services, the company launched Jobmatcher Enterprise, a one-of-a kind diagnostic technology solution that integrates talent acquisition and candidate assessment tools with management and background screening. A former U.S. Secret Service agent, James Parker, joined Global HR Research in 2008. His executive leadership and national security experience, along with our state and federal compliance experts, reinforce our completely automated and scalable web-based research system—giving you the most up-to-date, accurate information to assist in identifying and verifying potential risks.

GHRR’s broad appeal as an all-in-one provider of human resource services continues to expand and attract an ever-expanding market. Recognizing the company’s steady growth and unlimited potential, Austin Shanfelter, formerly the CEO of MasTec, acquired Global HR Research and was named Chairman of the Board in 2008. National sales executives, internal screening specialists and additional customer support professionals have joined the GHRR team to fulfill the rising demand for Jobmatcher Enterprise and GlobalHire Express technologies.

Integration is the key to streamlining workflow. And Global HR Research has emerged as a leader at helping organizations of all sizes efficiently implement, manage and control employment selection and screening programs with significant savings in cost, time and effort.

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