Why Companies Choose Global HR Research

Savvy HR professionals and business owners choose Global HR Research for a variety of reasons.

Integrated Solutions

Global HR Research is a unique service provider. Our solutions are unlike any other. We take pride in delivering an integrated suite of services that unify the entire talent acquisition, assessment and screening process into one, easy-to-use platform. Our clients benefit from a reduced data-entry time, a consolidated list of vendors and easier, more effective candidate selection. Let Global HR Research Redefine your HR expectations.™

Focused on Performance Engineering

Many companies expend too much time selecting and implementing a talent management program that only offers a web-based solution for hiring candidates while forgetting about selecting the best candidate. At Global HR Research, we believe that electronically managing candidates is only part of the selection process. Why choose a vendor whose HR solutions applications merely move candidates from point A to point B? That has no real impact on your workforce or employee retention. Global HR Research’s performance engineering solutions offer state-of-the-art assessment and selection features integrated with our powerful talent management platform. We are talent performance engineers!

Innovative Solutions Provider

In order to hire the best and brightest, you must have the right tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. Global HR Research delivers advanced recruitment and background-screening technology boasting proprietary technology and candidate management processes that lead the industry. Regardless of how many people you currently employ or whether you have one location or many, we deliver a customized solution that will meet your unique needs. Some of the world’s largest (and smallest) employers use Global HR Research products and services for their hiring and screening needs. Find out why today!

Serious Client Support

Global HR Research understands that your needs come first. That’s why we take extreme measures to answer your questions and meet your needs comprehensively and swiftly. From development and implementation to client support and response time, Global HR Research is just a mouse-click or phone call away. We approach client support as a team—our dedicated teams of implementation managers and research specialists are closely involved in each and every aspect of your account. Welcome to Global HR Research. How may we help you?

The Swiftest Turn-Around Time in the Industry

Global HR Research represents hundreds of clients with thousands of users submitting tens of thousands of background checks and verification requests monthly. On average, our background screening results are returned within 26 hours—including criminal and verification searches. How do we do this so quickly? We team an industry-leading customer research team together with the most advanced screening technology available. The result—lighting fast turnaround time that will help you keep the most desirable candidates from slipping away.

Customized and Scalable Platform

Global HR Research understands that no two companies are alike. That’s why our focus is on delivering a dedicated and customized approach to each new client. We take the time to understand your unique needs and develop smart hiring solutions that have a real impact on your business. We want to understand your specific hiring and selection needs and we will customize talent assessment and management solutions that grow with your organization. That means, no matter what size your company is today or how large it is tomorrow, Global HR Research can keep pace with you every step of the way.

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