About Background Screening

Global HR Research is especially equipped to conduct background screening of candidates as part of our goal to help you find the perfect candidate. We have an industry-leading average turnaround time of 26 hours for background screening results and offer multiple-stage screening packages.

Organized, easy-to-read reports include a complimentary risk scoring, color-coded grading system that's based on your individual pass, fail and provisional criteria. And, we can integrate our background screening solution with payroll and other systems. We can even facilitate pre-adverse/adverse letters. Global HR Research also provides the only screening system that offers an optional integrated applicant tracking feature and pre-employment screening. That includes DOT and non-DOT, as well as random drug testing management programs that include full TPA testing and subsequent population of the DOT MIS report.

Background screening should include court records. Our CourtConnect process is a one-of-a-kind primary source court record access technology that reduces turnaround time by up to 75 percent. Global HR Research has direct access to federal, state and county courts, so we can expedite on-demand criminal record results.

Aside from our background screening services, we take pride in our background screening team of people who have received extensive training in compliance at the state and federal level. We've long been a leading provider of background screening solutions, offering hundreds of data products, drug and health solutions, and technology platforms that empower human resource professionals with tools to help reduce turn-around time, improve background screening process and reduce time-to-hire.

Every piece of data provided by Global HR Research undergoes strict quality assurance measures and is compliant with Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) regulations. In fact, we have an entire team focused on nothing but in-house quality assurance. Global HR Research background screening solutions keep bad candidates from slipping in and keep good candidates from slipping away.

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