About Talent Selection

For many corporations, talent selection is only about finding the right person for the job or making sure they don't choose the wrong person. Talent selection is just one more way Global HR Research is redefining HR - we understand that finding the perfect hire takes more than matching a resume to a job description.

The "right" person might be perfect on paper. But will he last in that position? Will he mesh with the rest of your teams? Does he have what it takes to advance in the company, if that is your objective? There is more to finding the "right" person than meets the eye. Global HR Research is also familiar with uncovering the wrong person for a job. Hiring the wrong candidate can have a dramatic economic and social impact on your organization.

We understand that talent selection requires matching certain skills with the right candidates who are motivated to exist with a company's corporate culture. These individuals must be able to thrive in a specific work environment and have the personal skills to weather issues that arise in every job.

Global HR Research has developed a talent selection process that provides a point of reference for each position and the best matches for that job. Our system presents a clear job model that encompasses critical responsibilities, motivating factors and behaviors along with interpersonal traits that reveal the best people for that job. It also provides for rapid measurement of a candidate's talents based on the job model. We can determine the potential success or failure of that candidate in that job before that person is ever hired.

At the end of the day, our systems save time and resources, simplifying interviews and the hiring process overall. We provide definitive information on selected candidates and current employees depending on the requirements of those roles. We can tie our solutions to your performance assessments and expectations. And, although our clients typically retain our talent selection services, there is no long-term commitment.

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