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Why do some of the world’s largest companies look to Global HR Research for hiring solutions? We offer employers of every size:

  • Superior solutions. Smart, reliable and advanced are words our clients use to describe our hiring and screening solutions. Available on-demand at any time from anywhere.
  • Global capabilities. Our web-based hiring technology, assessment and screening solutions can be accessed worldwide and are used by some of the world’s leading companies.
  • Multiple competencies. GHRR employs industry thought leaders who understand multiple competencies in the realms of talent selection, assessment and screening. Our team members come from academia, the private sector and the federal government.
  • Industry-leading client service. Our team approach to client service ensures you always have an experienced, friendly client support member who knows your name.
  • Customized and creative. Our performance engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to help you select better employees.
  • Financial stability. Year over year of extraordinary growth fuels our delivery of state-of-the-art solutions and client service.
  • Unified solutions. Our suite of solutions effectively integrates talent acquisition, management, assessment and screening all in one easy-to-use platform!
  • Innovation. When it comes to pioneering new scientifically tested ways of identifying the right hire or screening that candidate, no company compares to us!
  • Proven return-on-investment (ROI). Continued success and consistent results show that our solutions help clients hire faster, more accurately and more profitably for every position.
  • Streamlined processes. Our at-a-glance “funnel” graphic of the hiring process gives you a snapshot of your entire talent acquisition and screening pipeline—making hiring faster than ever.
  • Consultative approach. We want to earn your trust. That’s why we educate clients on exactly what we’re doing and what to expect. Our clients share their experience and methods with us, so we find better ways to hire together.
  • User experience. From client support to ease of use, our technology and support teams take every measure to heighten user experience.
  • Response and turnaround time. Simply put, we do it better and we do it faster. Our technology enables superior turnaround time and ease of use. We know when you have a question you need the answer right away.
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