JOBMATCHER is a truly revolutionary recruitment solution that unifies all aspects of the talent acquisition, talent assessment and talent screening processes.

Integrated solution

In order to make your workflow as efficient as possible, JobMatcher can be flexibly integrated into an existing IT system environment. JobMatcher can be utilized as a stand-alone talent management solution or integrated with your current HRIS/HRMS or ATS. Our standard XML interface guarantees the connection of JobMatcher with your HR system—regardless of whether you use SAP® E-Recruiter, PeopleSoft® or any other solution by a different manufacturer.

The following examples illustrate different possibilities of how JobMatcher fits into your existing IT-environment.

Figure 1:
JobMatcher Integration at the end of the process

The entire process, including communication with candidates, will be displayed in JobMatcher. The number and type of steps used depends on the target group and your defined process. Here, data and results of hired candidates are retrieved via XML interface from your HR system.

Figure 2:
Interfaces at process start and end

The application entry is made through your HR system. Subsequently, this data is transferred to JobMatcher via interface. If applications are evaluated according to specific criteria, JobMatcher takes over.

Figure 3:
Anonymous process with interfaces at each level

Your HR system receives the applications. JobMatcher is only used at one or two stages—for test implementation. The exchange of personal data and test results occurs at each level via XML interfaces. It won’t be necessary to transfer personnel-related data if communication is also being handled through your HR system. The entire process can be applied to JobMatcher anonymously. An individual ID issued through your HR system insures the correct data allocation.

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