Build a Brand Image With Prospective Employees

Most organizations have some perception of their brand image with customers. But how do potential employees see you? “Employer Branding” applies the same consumer branding principles of attracting and retaining customers to attracting and retaining top employees. It’s a practice of establishing a unique image that differentiates you as an employer from your competitors—so you stand out as “the employer of choice.” Your brand image as an employer is built on your strengths, differences and corporate culture. By highlighting your brand “personality,” you’ll attract candidates with your own company’s qualities and characteristics. Knowing what engages your workforce and what will make it better is the foundation of defining an accurate brand, sourcing strategy and career site—all of which play a vital role in maintaining and empowering your organization.

Why Global HR Research?

Employer Branding is a part of everything we do. We integrate brand communications seamlessly with our full suite of candidate-acquisition, management and screening solutions to create powerful and unique recruitment campaigns. Using unique messaging strategies, Global HR’s employer branding communications target the most compatible candidates, directing them to an engaging career site. Feedback and results from the brand messaging campaigns help you identify the right media mix for sourcing, give insight into employee engagement and help you retain top performers.

Career Site Development

All recruitment roads lead to your career site—it’s the primary means of communication you have with potential candidates. An effective career site should accurately portray your company’s internal brand, explain the organizational environment and help candidates understand both your organization’s expectations of them—and what they can expect from the organization.

Your career site and recruitment management system should work as one unit, reassuring candidates that the organization has defined values and clear expectations. Global HR Research’s creative branding team will design, write, program, host and implement your organization’s career site in a way that clearly reflects your internal culture. This not only gives candidates the power to self-select entry into (or exit from) the hiring process, but will encourage current employees to interact more with all the benefits and advantages of working for you over your competitors.

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