Diagnostic Selection Tools

Finding and hiring the best candidate for the right position. This is both a challenge, as well as a responsibility for human resource professionals in every company, large and small. Global HR Research empowers you at every stage with proprietary diagnostic selection tools. At the most basic level, our scientifically proven psychological tests help you to achieve this goal by revealing both hidden talents and hidden pitfalls, which significantly improves your ability to hire better candidates consistently.

Global HR Research employs some of the best aptitude assessors, job performance evaluators and personnel developers from around the world, working in compliance with the most demanding scientific standards. We deliver assessments to almost every industry and job type, including:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Executive Leadership
Integration - The Key to Advanced Diagnostic Utility and Efficiency

At Global HR Research, we know that the foundation of good employee selection combines knowing the professional requirements of the job with scientifically-based methods of personnel psychology to measure candidates’ relevant characteristics. Unlike most assessment companies, we go a step further. By integrating our customized, diagnostic selection tools directly into your hiring process, we help make your workflow more streamlined and efficient than you ever thought possible.

Traditionally, companies utilize various assessments at the end of the hiring process to improve the likelihood that the candidate fits the position’s requirements well. An extensive, customized, proctored pre-hire assessment is an effective way to add another level of due diligence to your selection process., The edge we have over our competitors lies in the customization and utilization of concise, scientifically valid, online assessments—we help to reduce your staff’s administrative workload by appropriately narrowing down your candidate pool.

Using Diagnostic Selection Earlier to Streamline Process & Improve Effciency

Candidate management processes based only on formal qualifications and answers to questionnaires do not guarantee the quality of the pre-selection decision. At Global HR Research, our methods of personnel selection are seamlessly embedded into the management of candidate processing. We take processes that have been traditionally unrelated and merge them into one cohesive unit. By incorporating our customized diagnostic selection tools earlier in the hiring process, only the most suitable candidates make it to consideration for the next step. Instead of logging into a system that displays all candidates, your staff can instantly view a snapshot of the best, most qualified candidates for each and every position. These applicants are scored and ranked in chart form, for easy comparison. The result is superior efficiency and productivity, with more time for sourcing the talent to recruit. Better candidates can be on-boarded faster and more economically than ever before.

Quality of Selection Tools Used

For preliminary, web-based candidate selection, the quality of the selection procedure used is of central importance. The decision on which candidates are invited to proceed is based on the initial result. If mistakes are made in the preliminary stage, the very best candidates might already be lost. Through thoughtfully designed tools, Global HR Research ensures that our Internet procedures meet the same standards as classical, onsite presentation.

Identification of Requirements and Appropriate Methods

As your partner, during the discovery process, we will determine the profiles of your staff requirements with scientific methods that go far beyond “Competency Profiles” or “Competency Models”. Together, we research what really matters to your business and help you actively transform your HR department from a cost center into a highly proficient profit center.

Our proprietary methods accurately identify what interdisciplinary job-related skills a person has and what their individual strengths and weaknesses are. These profiles are matched against the desired requirements of the position to determine a score. If this score meets your specified minimum requirement, the candidate is automatically invited to the next stage of the process—either a computer-aided telephone interview (CATI), in-person interview or further assessments. Our Performance Engineers can design processes to fit your current or desired workflow or help you custom-design one that is maximized for process efficiency at every stage.

Our web-based platform makes managing the process easier and more flexible: web-based test procedures are presented, results are scored automatically and transferred into individual assessment reports. All interactive diagnostic procedures are recorded electronically and analyzed on the same platform. Suitable standards and assessments are included. Additionally, our test procedures guarantee the reliable capture of significant competencies. We can assemble more than 100 single dimensions per test battery to record the relevant requirements of your target position. Instructions related to requirements guarantee the acceptance of your candidates. Besides this broad range of individual standalone tests that can be clustered together in a test battery, we feature industry-specific test batteries for various branches such as Nursing, Law Enforcement, Sales, Customer Service and more.) If you have a specific diagnosis requirement that cannot be met by one in our standard portfolio, our test factory comes into play. Here we develop procedures tailored to your specific requirements—including all quality-assurance processes. We support your desire to use test procedures exclusively, or adapt existing procedures within the scope of employer branding. This is precisely how the science of psychometrics meets real business needs.

Human Interpretation Still Recognized and Valued

Some people mistakenly believe that diagnostic selection tools can replace the important human aspect of recruiting. Not so. At Global HR Research, our integrated selection tools are designed solely to enhance the human factor. Our tools help narrow down the initial pool of candidates, but never diminish the role and value of human interpretation and selection. In fact, they actually increase the value and potency of human analysis. Through early automation, levels of administrative work are reduced, giving recruiters more time to use their innate skills to evaluate and interview a smaller, more targeted group of best-fit candidates. Our customized, psychometric technology aids the effort of your recruiting staff, helping them to be more efficient and productive. Critical decision-making is based on both hard science and human evaluation, always resulting in the best outcome.

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