Performance Engineering

Often, companies spend too much time selecting and implementing a talent management program that only offers a web-based solution for hiring candidates. They forget that selecting the best candidate is the ultimate goal. At Global HR Research, we believe that electronically managing candidates should only be part of the hiring equation. Why choose a platform that only allows you to herd candidates from point A to point B? Simply moving candidates has no real impact on your workforce or employee retention. Global HR Research’s Performance Engineering solutions offer state-of-the-art assessment and selection features that are seamlessly integrated with our powerful talent management platform. At Global HR, our highly skilled team of Performance Engineers is ready to help you design a new system that fits your hiring process, or effectively re-tool your existing workflow. The main goal is to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens on your staff
  • Decrease overall time-to-hire in addition to reducing recruiting costs per hire
  • Enhance ability to consistently select the best candidates for each and every position
  • Reduce costly employee turnover
  • Mitigate risk associated with bad hiring decisions

Depending on your target groups, requirements, processes and budget, a coordinated system of separate methods is selected and developed. We can jointly help you decide on the best methods that will help you hire the best candidates, while making your HR Department more lean, efficient and effective. A few of the tools we develop and combine according to your needs include:

  • Psychological assessments for different goals and positions
  • Evaluation tests developed for specific target groups
  • Simulation procedures such as role plays, case studies and interviews
  • Scored questionnaires
  • Computer-Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)

Additionally, all of our solutions can be integrated into an existing IT system environment in a number of ways. Unlike many of our competitors who only offer out-of-the-box solutions, we understand the importance of flexibility. Global HR Research technology is superior to these commercially available systems since they are not tied to specific browsers or commercial add-ons. You’ll also avoid reliance on individual manufacturers and difficulties with firewalls. Our standard XML interface guarantees the connection of our processes with your HR system – regardless of what solution you currently use.

With a coordinated and customized approach, you can be certain that the final system delivered will be the most advantageous one for both the HR department and the company. At Global HR Research, we know that performance-engineered systems always give rise to better outcomes. After all, your company is unique… shouldn’t your hiring system be as well?

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