Control Your Vendor Screening Program

Your organization’s entire workforce introduces risk, whether these individuals are your employees or not, so it is vitally important to take control of the screening for your extended workforce that may include independent contractors, temporary workers, professional consultants or other non-employees. Otherwise, another organization will essentially determine the background screening requirements, if any, for part of your workforce. Our GlobalHiRe for Vendors (GFV) and extended workforce populations gives you the power to control extended workforce screening for your organization and help reduce potential risks.

Achieve Vendor Screening Consistency

Achieve Vendor Screening Consistency GlobalHiRe for Vendors empowers your organization with tools to ensure extended workers meet policy requirements by allowing you to determine the screening standards your vendors must meet. You control the types of searches, packages, users, sub-users, billing and tracking of a centralized or decentralized extended workforce environment. The GlobalHiRe Vendor platform seamlessly integrates with other Global HR Research solutions so your organization can manage its entire background screening program from a unified solution and experience the same quality results for all elements of your workforce.

Increase Vendor Utilization Rates

The GlobalHiRe Vendor Screening Solution offers easy to use functionality that encourages utilization by key users or vendor users. This begins with the solution sending your vendors personalized e-mail invitations with simple instructions for quickly activating their account online and initiating their first background checks with ease. You create the rules, you create the packages and allow your users the freedom to order, review and re-screen your extended workforce as needed. Furthermore, you can manage from 2 to 20,000 extended workforce locations and users including branch billing where you can track invoicing and payment from one central location.

Additional Benefits of the GlobalHiRe For Vendors Solution:
  • Creates smart controls of your vendor screening programs
  • Easily manage centralized or decentralized vendor environments
  • Consolidates program management to a single solution
  • Promotes vendor compliance with corporate screening policies
  • Simplifies deployment to new vendor programs
  • Reduces management and administrative workloads
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