High Volume Hiring

With our proprietary technology and intelligent hiring solutions, your recruiting staff will have more time to spend with the best candidates than ever before, while decreasing the overall time-to-hire. How? Our automated selection systems measurably shorten the time-consuming tasks of candidate administration. All communication processes with the candidates—whether by email, telephone or standard mail—are all managed from one robust, intuitive platform. Our biographic matching and psychological testing procedures pre-qualify your candidates and help you quickly and consistently make the right hiring decisions. Moreover, intelligent automation significantly minimizes unproductive administrative work, leaving recruiters with more time to evaluate and interview a smaller, more targeted group of best-fit applicants. Your job is easier and faster than ever before—and you are hiring the best candidates in record time, over and over again.

Integrated, In-House Background Screening

In addition to automated, diagnostic selection tools, we blend our in-house background-screening solution directly into your customized hiring system to create a single application platform. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of data-entry errors, confidentiality breaches and other mistakes that might slow down or harm the integrity of your pre-employment process. Global HR not only enhances your hiring efficiency and productivity, but we also play an important role in insulating you from unnecessary risk.

Transform your HR department from a cost center to a valuable, revenue-producing hub, by leveraging our experience in the design of integrated e-recruiting processes. Fast, efficient and very predictable staff recruiting is our specialty and our proprietary technology is unique to the US market. Hire better, more qualified candidates faster— and get the edge over your competition today!

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