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  • Please remember to select “Drugs of Abuse” when searching for a Patient Service Center (PSC) location.
Quest Diagnostics

  • Understanding Third Party Fees
    On the Patient Service Center Results Search Page, only the collection sites that begin with “Quest Diagnostics” are laboratory Patient Service Centers (PSCs). All other locations listed are "Third Party Collection Sites" and subject to additional collection fees.

Please remember to select "Drugs of Abuse" when searching for a Quest Patient Service Center (PSC) location.

Need assistance, a closer location, on-site collections? Call us toll free 1.800.790.1205 or email us at info@ghrr.com

When visiting a Patient Service Center, individuals should bring the following information with them:

  • The Laboratory Chain of Custody Form (COC) provided to you by Global HR Research. Please be certain the laboratory name on the COC matches the PSC you are going to.
  • A photo ID for urine drug screens (e.g., driver's license, employee identification badge).

Minors MUST be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

  • If you are bringing a minor to a Patient Service Center and you are not the legal guardian, you will need to bring a notarized statement signed by a parent or legal guardian authorizing you to give permission for the collection and billing of the tests ordered by the minor's physician.
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