Academic Overview

Academic institutions face unique staffing and selection challenges. Often times, colleges and universities have requirements to recruit a high quality and diversified staff from inside and outside their main campus location for both academic and non-academic positions. Faced with acquiring and screening thousands of employees, decentralized operating locations and a heightened requirement to hire the best, most qualified individuals, academic institutions need sophisticated diagnostic selection tools that can handle high volume hiring. Additionally, recruiters need to hire for both academic and non-academic positions without compromising recruitment efficiency and consistency. Managing the recruiting process without the proper tools increase costs, reduces hiring time and impedes your ability to engage the right candidates.

Why Global HR Research

Global HR Research empowers you with the tools to identify best-fit candidates quickly and easily for your organization. As an industry leader, we offer much more than just electronic ways to recruit and manage candidates. We deliver solutions that will help your institution:

  • Create a consistent recruitment process across all job types
  • Unite a decentralized campus with a centralized web-based recruitment platform
  • Increase the quality of candidate by the utilization of selection assessments
  • Automate, collect and track Affirmative action data
  • Decrease the cost per hire and improve time to hire

The diagnostic tools and selection assessments we employ separate us from the competition. Our recruitment technology helps some of the world’s largest companies manage their recruitment process more efficiently. Additionally, our solutions can be delivered in a single, integrated platform or individually based on need. Let Global HR Research help you redefine your HR expectations.

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