Financial Services Overview

The financial services industry is highly diverse, complex and growing since it represents a broad spectrum of occupational disciplines and qualification criteria. Banking, investments, retirement plans, advisory services, brokerages, accounting firms, mutual fund companies and others all require employees who meet strict standards for ethics and integrity since they have access to confidential, personal information on their customers and investors. They must also possess the education and specialized expertise to excel in their chosen career paths—whether they are in financial sales and marketing, administration, financial analysis or investment management to name a few.

Like the pharmaceutical industry as an example, the financial services industry is highly regulated, with many unique demands on employees. There is no industry better suited to leveraging the proprietary technologies and expertise of Global HR Research than the financial services sector.

Why Global HR Research

Global HR Research empowers you with the tools to identify “best fit” candidates quickly and easily. As an industry leader, we offer much more than just electronic ways to recruit and manage candidates. The diagnostic tools and selection assessments we employ separate us from the competition. Our recruitment technology helps some of the world’s largest employers manage their recruitment process more efficiently. Our solutions can be delivered in a single, integrated platform or individually based on need. Let Global HR Research help you redefine your HR expectations.

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