Gaming Overview

According to the American Gaming Association, the gaming industry is a driving force in the U.S. economy, creating more than one million jobs nationwide and offering some of the most dynamic and rewarding professional opportunities available. In 2008, the commercial casino industry employed more than 375,000 people: more direct employees than the U.S. automobile industry, software manufacturers or wireless phone carriers. In this rapidly growing industry, recruiting and hiring managers must be diligent selecting and screening talent. They need smarter solutions for identifying, assessing and hiring the best possible candidates.

Global HR Research delivers recruitment technology and integrated screening solutions that help drive the performance of gaming industry hiring managers. Our solutions—including employee assessments and talent management—create a customized hiring workflow that is uniquely yours. We help you turn your human resource department from a cost center into a performance management center that produces measurable return on investment. Integrated solutions are the key to successful hiring. Trust Global HR Research as an industry leader to improve time to hire, reduce turn-over and drive employee productivity.

Why Global HR Research

Identify best fit candidates quickly and easily for your organization with tools from Global HR Research. As an industry leader, we offer much more than just electronic ways to recruit and manage candidates. The diagnostic tools and selection assessments we employ separate us from the competition. Our recruitment technology helps some of the world’s largest companies and agencies manage their recruitment process more efficiently. Additionally, our solutions can be delivered in a single, integrated platform or individually based on need. Let Global HR Research help you redefine your HR expectations.

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