Retail Overview

The most recent National Retail Security Survey conducted by Dr. Richard Hollinger at the University of Florida attributed 42.7% of retailers’ loss to employee theft and 35.6% to shoplifters. In other words, your own employees pose a significantly greater risk to your security than sneaky customers. Better loss management starts with the hiring process.

The University of Florida study found that the two most common pre-employment screening measures are the criminal history check and previous employment verification. Both of these analyses look at past performance and cannot accurately predict future performance or job success. That’s why Global HR Research’s tools are far superior—they measurably improve your ability to select the right candidate by integrating screening and assessment tools together like never before. With proprietary technology from Global HR Research, you can evaluate past performance and predict future success all with one, easy-to-use platform.

Why Global HR Research

Global HR Research empowers you with the tools to identify “best fit” candidates quickly and easily. As an industry leader, we offer much more than just electronic ways to recruit and manage candidates. The diagnostic tools and selection assessments we employ separate us from the competition. Our recruitment technology helps some of the world’s largest employers manage their recruitment process more efficiently. Our solutions can be delivered in a single, integrated platform or individually based on need. Let Global HR Research help you redefine your HR expectations.

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