Transportation & Warehousing Overview

Firms in the transportation and warehousing industry provide an essential link between manufacturers and consumers. They have a unique set of hiring and employee management issues. At Global HR Research, we understand that hiring the right truck drivers is critical to the success of your business, especially since they often work independently without direct supervision. They must be able cope with a variety of unusual conditions, including variable weather and traffic, boredom and fatigue. Safety is obviously a major concern. Operating trucks, forklifts and other technically advanced equipment can be dangerous without proper training and supervision. Global HR Research not only assists you with background screening and license verification, but can also help you comply with federally mandated certifications and regulations. In addition to screening and recruiting, we offer sophisticated random testing management programs that can automatically populate the results of the DOT’s MIS report. Let Global HR Research help you hire better drivers while making your processes more efficient and compliant.

Why Global HR Research

Global HR Research empowers Global HR Research empowers you with the tools to identify best-fit candidates quickly and easily for your organization. As an industry leader, we offer much more than just electronic ways to recruit and manage candidates. The diagnostic tools and selection assessments we employ separate us from the competition. Our recruitment technology helps some of the world’s largest companies manage their recruitment process more efficiently. Additionally, our solutions can be delivered in a single, integrated platform or individually based on need. Let Global HR Research help you redefine your HR expectations.

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