Reduce data entry, save time and improve efficiency with SwiftHire from Global HR Research

One of Global HR Research’s most innovative solutions for hiring managers and other HR professionals is SwiftHire, a brand-new background-screening tool that allows applicants to initiate the screening process by submitting their own information online. Because applicants take responsibility for data entry, SwiftHire saves time, minimizes errors and improves efficiency for recruiters and hiring managers.

Truly revolutionary in its capabilities, SwiftHire:

  • Integrates directly into the GlobalHiRe web-based screening platform
  • Guides applicants as they enter personal information online, tracks progress, generates reports and sends automatic reminders
  • Empowers employers with review tools
  • Converts submissions directly into screening requests
  • Offers a convenient applicant payment option
  • Allows employers to customize email invitations, instructions and reminder emails
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