With GlobalHiRe Mobile You Get Compliance

You rely on us to make sure you stay compliant. With GlobalHiRe Mobile, we’ve improved compliance by creating a new way to serve consent forms based on the location of the applicant. We’ve also automated pre-adverse and adverse action letters and made them electronic so that they get to the applicant faster with better tracking.

Auto Geolocation Consents

Customized and streamlined consents and disclosures based on applicant’s residence.

Auto Pre-Adverse / Adverse Letters

Ability to automatically and electronically send important disqualifying communications to applicants to save costs, and ensure timeliness and compliance.

613A Letters

Ability to provide 613A letters to notify applicants electronically and ensure applicant acknowledgment.

Look Different

When everyone these days are looking the same, with GlobalHiRe Mobile, you can finally differentiate your brand from the rest of the companies in the market. You’ll have the ability to match your customer’s colors, upload your logo and even choose different themes that give a different feel than other companies competing for your candidates. It’s time for you to take control of your brand in the screening process and stand out!

Client Branding

In a world where all all employers look the same, GlobalHiRe Mobile helps you stand out with applicants by using your logo, colors, and general styles. The app incorporates your company’s exact branding. This gives candidates an introduction to your brand and shows how well you connect using current technology and great design.