Healthcare Drug Screening And Monitoring Of Occupational Health Services Made Easy

Learn about best practices in healthcare screening for drug and other occupational health services, including the annual influenza vaccine.

During the webinar, Connie Riedel - GHRR Director of Healthcare Screening Solutions, discusses:   How...

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FCRA 101: ​A Nuts And Bolts Guide To Background Screening Compliance​

Understand how complying with the FCRA protects you and your company.

Please join Ashley Esparza Sykes, J.D.​, GHRR's Vice President of Compliance and Government Relations​ for...

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Gain Efficiencies and Reduce Spending with Best Practice Background Screening Processes

Learn best practices in healthcare screening and physician credentialing!

In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices in healthcare screening and physician credentialing as well...

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Healthcare Drug Testing Evolution – What You Need to Know

Learn how to optimize your testing approach.

During the webinar, review testing standards, when to test, what type of tests are available...

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Financial Services Fingerprinting – A Modern Approach

Learn the modern way to get fingerprint compliant with FINRA!

In this webinar Brandon Phillips, Global HR Research President and CEO and Taylor Liggett, SureId  Vice President of Business Development  review how improvements in...

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Healthcare FCRA Compliance And How It Impacts HR And Medical Staff Services

Review best practices in healthcare screening and physician credentialing.

In this webinar, review best practices in healthcare screening and physician credentialing. Learn dos and...

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One Step Background Checks with Kronos

Manage your background checks and drug screening with a single click.

Our new unified approach lets you initiate and manage your background checks and drug screening...

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Compliance vs. Diligence in Employment Screening

When is compliance not enough?

How do you determine what searches you need to prove diligence? During the webinar, we'll...

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Going Mobile With HR Background Screening

We show how our mobile background screening capability

In  this short webinar we give an overview of how mobile technology is impacting the...

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Case Study

National Healthcare System Finds a Background Screening Partner in GHRR



GHRR eBook: How Background Screening Providers are Selected

What HR Professionals Look for in a Background Screening Provider

Use this buyer's guide to discover: The relative importance of: Service/Support Consolidation Speed Accuracy How...


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