One Step Background Checks with Kronos

Manage your background checks and drug screening with a single click.

Our new unified approach lets you initiate and manage your background checks and drug screening...

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Compliance vs. Diligence in Employment Screening

When is compliance not enough?

How do you determine what searches you need to prove diligence? During the webinar, we'll...

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Going Mobile With HR Background Screening

We show how our mobile background screening capability

In  this short webinar we give an overview of how mobile technology is impacting the...

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GHRR Partnership Series

uConfirm - Income and Employment Verifications

All companies with employees have to respond to a request to verify if someone works...

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Case Studies

Case Study

National Healthcare System Finds a Background Screening Partner in GHRR

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GHRR EBook: Screening Diligence

Respect Your Applicants. Protect Your Company.

As HR professionals, we need to be vigilant to changes or subtleties in the surrounding...

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